Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cupid's Arrow

So. . .

So Cupid, I was just wondering what happened?

Because see, I sent you a letter, I specifically told you to answer me at the right time, when I'm finally ready. And so when you answered me, I thought I already was ready. But I was wrong. I was definitely wrong. I did not expect this mind blowing experience. One day the chocolates were sweet and luscious and then suddenly. . . it expired.

Well Cupid? Do you have something to say for yourself? You should be ashamed! You shot the arrow right then and there but you failed to check the strength of your so-called arrow.

And yes, I am blaming Cupid for all my love problems. But don’t worry, I’m not crazy. I’m actually “okay” now. It was my fault after all, or was it?

I was not ready at all. But that’s okay. I can manage. After all, I’m not the only one who went through this. I can come back again.

So technically, Cupid wasn’t at fault at all. It was ours. And that is what we have to solve. It’s time to actually realize both our mistakes and fix it. Cupid shot the arrow, but he was not responsible for it to suddenly break. Cupid shot the arrow, but the arrow was fragile. That’s because the arrow is supposed to be taken care of. The arrow will be strong once you’ve put up the foundation. But it doesn’t mean that if you have an arrow then it’s real, it could be fake, you could just be catching the arrow that wasn’t supposed to be yours. The point of this sappy love something-something is that, I’m broken. And I was wrong to be delusional. I guess I had to learn the hard way. But nothing has come to an end yet, I’m still here, admitting to myself the wrong of everything and I guess soon time will just be my best friend for now, whether it will fix things or will it remain broken.

So Cupid, I’m sorry I didn’t took care of your arrow, I was taking it for granted. Please forgive me. Give me a chance to witness it once again, and to feel it. This time, I promise to be patient. I still don’t know if you handed me the right arrow or not but would you do me a great favor and fix my bow.

We hold our own bow’s not Cupid. We had the right to aim, because we decided to do it. We should fix our aim next time, but maybe we had the right aim, just a fragile arrow.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Guard your heart!

A hard life makes a brave heart.

          The things that happen in your life may come as a burden to you. May become deep-rooted in the past, and it may result to your anger. But I have nothing to say.

          I don't have that kind of a past. Maybe I'm just blessed. But then if I were blessed to not experience that kind of hard life, then why am I so lazy? Why do I take things for granted? Why do I get scared when everything doesn't fall into plan? Maybe because, I haven't seen or experience the worse. That's why it is so easy for me to get on. But then, I always get scared with it.

         The ones who had their share of a burdened past are the people who are more blessed. They got a challenge. And they just need to overcome it with faith. Again, it's easy for me to say it, because I don't really know.

         All I know is this, a hard life makes a brave heart. And this heart is the heart that's guarded. It's the heart that is afraid to lose, afraid to get hurt again, but will of course try, and that is what makes them brave.

        Just have faith in those people. They'be been through harsh times. All they need is support.

        Your hard life isn't done, there is bound to be more. Be careful. But don't worry. You have a good heart. You know what's right and what's wrong (although sometimes they get mixed). The hard life is just starting. Prepare your heart. Guard your heart!!

The White Canvass

               Green. The mind turns to green. Think of things, put a teaspoon of doubt and all you have are green judgements. When you know that the canvass was printed white with a shade of grey, you think of green. You spray light colors like orange, and yellow, but think of blue and your thoughts make green.

               The mind interferes with facts when you begin to doubt, then your facts become false documents and then you start to accuse. So the canvass becomes green. . .

The White Canvass - or was.

Saturday, 23 February 2013



appreciate - recognize with gratitude
  1. Recognize the full worth of.
  2. Be grateful for (something).
value - estimate - appraise - evaluate - rate - esteem

appreciate - recognize with gratitude; be grateful for
acknowledgerecogniserecognize - express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for; "We must acknowledge the kindness she showed towards us"appreciate - be fully aware of; realize fully; "Do you appreciate the full meaning of this letter?"
take account realize, see, understand, realise - perceive (an idea or situation) mentally; "Now I see!"; "I just can't see your point"; "Does she realize how important this decision is?"; "I don't understand the idea"
1. enjoylikevalueregardrespectprizeadmiretreasureesteemrelishcherishsavour, rate highly Anyone can appreciate our music.
enjoy scorndisdaindenigratebelittledisparage
2. be aware of, knowunderstandestimaterealizeacknowledgerecognizeperceivecomprehendtake account of, be sensitive to, be conscious of, sympathize with, be alive to, be cognizant of She never really appreciated the depth of the conflict.
be aware of misunderstand, be unaware of, underrate
3. be grateful, be obliged, be thankful, give thanks, be indebted, be in debt, be appreciative I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention that.
be grateful be ungrateful for
4. increaserisegrowgainimprovemountenhancesoarinflate There is little confidence that houses will appreciate in value.
increase falldeflatedepreciatedevaluate

                 Be grateful. Be content. Be happy for others. Sometimes, people just need a little appreciation, to boost their confidence, to increase their value. They know that you appreciate them, but sometimes they just need you express it. Silently appreciating is good. Verbally appreciating helps that certain someone to cope. Appreciating means you're happy, that you value them, and you're worth all their hardwork. :D

Thursday, 21 February 2013


              I'll admit this is a crappy picture. Sorry! My phone is not DSLR-material. Anyways, enough about my phone, look what I got on Valentines Day!!

             The reason I showed this picture is because February is my Blog-gery Year! Yep, it's been a year already since my 1st post. And if you could remember correctly, I spent my Valentines Day before with my friends. Now, I have someone to share it with:*

            I'm not going mushy mushy. I want to point out in fact, that a lot has happened in 2012. One of my blessed years ever. I gained friends-no scratch that-I gained a family. The family that I was afraid I should be open to, because I was afraid I wouldn't get along. But then, I just did. And now, I love all of them. They are my family here in Dumaguete City <3. I also had someone very dear to my heart. Someone whom I can share secrets and basically everything ;) (Hence, the Valentine Gift). I also lost friends in the process. Friends, whom on my 1st post, I assumed that we were going to be friends forever. We were a big group. And now we are cut, everyone formed their own little groups. Everyone back stabbed anyone. Now, my home is now a house. Just a simple construction that I'm living. I also had a chance to write at my heart's content, to be sad and to be happy as I can be.

             The year was full of emotions. Every emoticon you can think of. The thing I'm most truly blessed at, is when I found God. I changed. Into something better. I became calm when I found HIM. And now, everything is all about HIM. HE was my perfect date last year. And now, HE gave me someone and a family to share it with. I'm blessed.

           Happy Blog-gery everybody! Let's see if there are more mushy mushy things I can say about this year. Let's see how many changes will come. Let's see who stays and who goes. Let's see what's going to happen in my blog. Be Blog-gerific for this year! Be Blog-awesome! (Now, I'm just fooling around.) Happy New Year! Happy Hearts! Happy Blogging! :D

              Not to be ultra-corny! But look what I got.

A heart-shaped candy

White Rose


A drawing
With a letter

          The last part is my favorite. Home-made:D

Friday, 8 February 2013


Apparently amounting to any word doesn't mean anything,
Until the pain subsides but the fumes still burning.
The memories always playing, replay, lingering.
The ache you so forced to hide but somehow still showing.

The mistakes and words already said,
Can’t ever come back, all too much stuck in your head.
Apparently the things that hurt most last longer,
The things you thought would stay, disappear quicker.

Too bad for all the plans;
Too bad for all the things that happened
It seems the more you get glued to the past,
The more you try to forget, the more it'd resurface.

All to soon because you predicted;
Hurts more because you hoped;
But the future will always be lost in the shadows,
Until you forget the past and see what follows.

          It seems 2013 isn't going quite swell for me. Me and my relationship. Shocking! It's already in the rocks? When it barely started yet? Tsk. Tsk. How Sad.